Play 55bmw Online Fish Shooting And Get Instant Rewards

Shooting fish online 55bmw, players can win extremely valuable prizes. These prizes can be exchanged for cash or scratch cards. Participating in online fish shooting also has relaxing moments and earns great income. What are you waiting for? Quickly access the game at 55bmw.

Overview of 55bmw online fish shooting

Overview of 55bmw online fish shooting

55bmw online fish shooting is a game with a large number of daily traffic on the homepage. Compared to traditional games, the gameplay is similar. But players will not need to go out and it is much more convenient. Just have a phone with internet and you’re done.

The game has got more features than that. Suitable for players of all ages. Just read the instructions and you can play. The gameplay is simple so players will quickly master it in just one day.

In addition, players can also swordfish while playing. The bonus amount will be transferred to the player’s account once they win. Relax and earn income every day. This is the ideal playground for those who are passionate about this online fish shooting game.

Basic rules of 55bmw online fish shooting

The rules of 55bmw online fish shooting are extremely simple. Just watch the instructions and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the game version to play. Each version/lobby will have separate levels and bets. Budget rooms, luxury rooms and even boss rooms are available. If you are a newbie, choose a room with a minimum bet to practice. Improve your fish shooting skills.

Step 2: Choose the type of bullets and gun for the shots. The + and – symbols help players change the size of bullets. You can choose from the following icons:

  • Lightning, torpedoes, lasers, bombs, and sonic waves are skills that can be improved with this weapon.
  • Bag: There will be a situation where players can shoot objects dropped from mermaids. Save that item in your inventory so you can pull it out and use it later.

Step 3: Receive a reward when you defeat the fish. The player will immediately receive a number of coins corresponding to the value of the fish. According to the algorithm, coins are added directly to participating members’ money.

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The number of bullets consumed multiplied by the coefficient of each type of fish will yield your bonus.

Some outstanding versions of 55bmw online fish shooting

Some outstanding versions of 55bmw online fish shooting

55bmw online fish shooting game versions have diversity and unique features. Attract more participation every day. Some outstanding versions of the fish shooting game include:

Oneshot Fishing

This is a new version launched at bookmaker 55bmw and is a new form of shooting fortune fish. This version received many positive comments from players and experts. 

The visuals are beautiful and the sound system created is quite enjoyable. You can shoot freely in this version of fish shooting.

Shoot zui fish online 55bmw

This is a fun and witty game in the online fish shooting version 55bmw. According to many Paradise players, they say this version seems much more unique. You may come across some new and exciting features.

When players use up that feature, they will receive quality gifts. The jackpot will be applied when participating in Crocodile Hall and KungFu Manatee. Luckily you can receive rewards up to billions.

Shooting God of Fortune fish

God of Fortune fish shooting is one of the favorite fish shooting game series at the house. You can join the game on any device every time you access the game. The game is developed with eye-catching graphics.

You have countless options of game features available to you. You will have guns and bullets to use as soon as you enter the fish shooting god’s territory. If you know how to play, you will make a lot of money when fishing.

The method of playing 55bmw online fish shooting that everyone knows

The method of playing 55bmw online fish shooting that everyone knows

Reading and understanding the rules of the game and practicing how to play are the basics when starting out. However, to make sword fishing easier, you must equip yourself with more knowledge. The following methods will help you strengthen your luggage:

If you see the fish leave the table, shoot immediately

55bmw online fish shooting has gameplay with not difficult operations. Therefore, to win a big prize, when you see the fish just leave the table, shoot immediately. Shoot decisively at them.

However, bullets need to be fired in the direction they travel. Prioritize shooting fish that are slightly larger in size. Don’t forget to keep a gun full of bullets ready to continue hunting for fish everywhere.

When shooting fish, gradually increase the ammo

This method is trusted and found effective by many 55bmw online fish shooting experts. Applying this strategy is extremely simple. The player only needs to shoot increasing bullets gradually when aiming to shoot fish. 

Practice making your hand movements a little faster and more flexible. As soon as you determine the correct direction of the fish’s swimming, you’ll be able to shoot accurately. Don’t waste 1 or 2 bullets, because those bullets can kill 1 to 2 fish.

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Aim to shoot at fish swimming in schools

With this method, it is necessary to carefully observe the swimming direction of those schools of fish. Next, shoot at them as continuously as possible. Applying it is much more effective than shooting fish alone. Because when you are bad at determining direction, it’s normal to not be able to shoot down any animals.

Therefore, this method can minimize useless ammo consumption. The part is that you can win valuable prizes when playing 55bmw online fish shooting. Accumulating experience for yourself is important.

Don’t shoot big fish when you don’t have enough bullets

If you can’t afford it, don’t try any more. Once you calculate that your gun doesn’t have enough bullets, don’t aim at big fish. Not being able to kill the fish just wasted a lot of useless coins. Instead, aim to shoot those that are within range and suitable for the initial target amount of coins.

Method alone is not enough to play effectively. You need to identify the correct target every time you shoot to get a higher reward.

Pay attention to the little fish

Some people make the big mistake of only focusing on big fish and focusing on shooting them. Ignore smaller fish. This is the wrong way to play, you lose a lot of bullets and are not very effective.

Pay more attention to the small fish than the big fish. Take advantage of the small corners around you to kill small fish at the same time. Rotate the gun head continuously on the screen to kill as many fish as possible.

How to shoot ball teeth

This method will also bring relatively high efficiency to gamers. Initially, the player should increase the number of bullets fired at the fish at the same time. Shoot pellets against the wall to bounce back towards the fish. When the bullets have not yet arrived, shoot the fish directly.

The result will be that there are 2 bullets hitting the fish. This way of playing may seem strange but the profits are huge. Initially, you need to invest a large amount of capital to play. Consumes more ammo. Compared to those who are fighting for fish, this is not a bad choice.

Change bullets constantly

When shooting fish online 55bmw, you should use different types of bullets. Don’t be fooled into thinking that using just one type of bullet can shoot down large fish. 

When observing the fish table, pay attention to their sizes. Find guns and ammo that are compatible with those sizes properly. What bullets should be fired at small, what bullets should be fired at large.

If a small fish shoots a big bullet, it’s called a waste, a big fish shoots a small bullet, which doesn’t have much effect. Use diverse and flexible types of bullets while shooting. Using this method is guaranteed to shoot down many fish of many different values. 


Above is all the general information about 55bmw online fish shooting for those who want to learn. If you love this exciting fish shooting sport, please log in to your account at 55bmw. Experience the game and earn more bonuses!

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